David Austin Rose Collection : Patience





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  • Category: David Austin Rose Collection
  • Variety Colour: Buff White
  • Stem Length (cms): 40-50-60
  • Production: Medium
  • Large Bloom Size
  • Fragrant 
  • Good Vase Life

Patience is a delightful buttermilk rose with ruffled petals, reminiscent of fine lace. The creamy-yellow buds gradually open out fully to form perfect, flat medium-sized frilled rosettes. Over time, the petals may pale almost to white when placed in bright sunlight. The central petals stay folded in a classic button eye while the outer, frilled petals reflex back.
Patience has a fresh old rose fragrance with elements of fruit, lilac and myrrh. The fragrance starts medium strong, but softens as the bloom ages, developing lemony notes.

Grandiflora is a licensed grower of David AustinĀ® Cut Roses.


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